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Dear Friends,

Welcome to the website for the Compass Rose Society - a group of international Anglicans/Episcopalians who seek to support the ministry of the Archbishop of Canterbury within our Anglican Communion.

Please click on our video which provides an overview of the Society's history and objectives.

Our 300+ members come from 9 countries and are comprised of individuals, parishes, chapters, dioceses and institutions. All help strengthen our common bonds of affection throughout the Communion.

We contribute significantly to the work of the Anglican Consultative Council,particularly in communications. We also support international mission work, In total, we have contributed over $12 million (US) dollars to date.

Members may participate in Communion Visits to Anglican churches around the world who have invited us to visit.We travel in the company of the secretary general of the Anglican Communion. We meet church, political and government leaders. We experience first-hand, the extraordinary ministry being undertaken by the church - often in difficult circumstances. Whether recycling projects in impoverished, overcrowded cities in Brazil or church-run orphanages housing HIV/AIDs victims in South Africa, we have found hope for the future. No one returns from these visits unchanged.

From time to time, we undertake Study Trips to explore our Christian roots in historic settings. We've witnessed the Magna Carta in Salisbury Cathedral and heard an outstanding lecture on the history of the Sarum Rite. We've knelt in prayer at the chapel altar of Thomas Becket in Canterbury Cathedral. All these experiences (and more) have deepened our understanding of the Anglican expression of Christianity.

Each year, we meet in London, England at St. Andrew's House (the offices of the Anglican Communion) or in Canterbury for our annual meeting. We then dine with the Archbishop of Canterbury and his family. Over a meal and the opportunity to meet Archbishop Justin Welby and his wife, Mrs. Caroline Welby, we are provided a personal and unique question and answer period. We end the evening with worship in the Archbishop's Chapel (where Thomas Cranmer penned much of the Book of Common Prayer).

If you are interested in supporting the ministry of the Archbishop of Canterbury within the Anglican Communion and assisting brother and sister Anglicans, we might be the perfect fit for you.

I would be happy to answer your questions or discuss membership with the Compass Rose Society. Please feel free to contact me at president@compassrosesociety.org.

Enjoy browsing through our website and thanks for dropping in!


The Right Reverend Daniel G.P. Gutiérrez

XVI Bishop of The Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania
President of The Compass Rose Society



The Compass Rose Society in Brief

The Compass Rose Society supports the work of the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Anglican Communion. Founded in 1994 at the Old Palace in Canterbury, the Society has become an important financial resource to the Communion and a valuable voice in communicating the news of the work which maintains and improves unity in the Communion.

Since its inception, the Society has donated more than $12 million (USD) to support the Communion. A list of historic beneficiaries is here and current projects are here. These gifts are supported by members’ initial and annual sustaining gifts. Membership requirements and benefits are here.

To apply for a grant from the Society, follow the procedures here.


Society News


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  • Canterbury Cathedral, Home of the Anglican Communion

  • The Compass Rose Society supports the Princess Basma Centre for Disabled Children in Jerusalem

  • Compass Rose Society members offer evening prayers on Canterbury Cathedral tour

  • HOPE Africa is the social development organization of the Anglican Church in Southern Africa

  • Members at Lambeth Palace to meet with the Archbishop of Canterbury at the 2015 annual meeting

  • Compass Rose Society donations support a bush clinic in Diocese of Kaduna in northern Nigeria

  • Canterbury Cathedral following Evensong for Compass Rose Society members

  • Archbishop Josiah Idowu-Fearon, Secretary General of the Anglican Communion, addresses the 2015 annual meeting


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