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Appeal to Compass Rose Society Members


May 11, 2020

Dear Compass Rose Members,

When the board gathered in April, we looked at the needs across The Anglican Communion. It is clear that the needs across the communion are great. The COVID-19 crisis has added to the emerging needs of our wider family. The board has chosen the following projects for a general appeal to mitigate the financial needs of the COVID-19 impact.

The Archbishop of Canterbury’s office has focused our attention upon these projects currently under consideration by the Anglican Communion Fund (ACF):

  1. Diocese of Western Tanganyika, they requested £10,000 to do training in COVID-19 prevention and to procure equipment for handwashing stations. The ACF is considering funding £5,000.
  2. Council of Anglican Provinces in Africa (CAPA) has developed a concept paper which outlines the situation in Africa and proposes a CAPA response which provides food packs and sanitation packs to the most vulnerable of families in seven countries (300 per country, except Kenya, which is 150 families). Their request is a total of £80,000. The ACF is considering funding £15,000.
  3. Bangladesh has sent a general appeal to all of its partners outlining its plans for COVID-19 response in two categories – food support (£1.3M) and Health/Sanitation (£62k).
  4. Mothers’ Union – The CEO of the ACF has been in correspondence with the CEO of the Mothers’ Union on how they could partner with them on COVID-19. The conversation is ongoing.

The Compass Rose Society hopes to raise $100,000 US to help the Archbishop’s office respond to these needs.

We also reached out to our brothers and sisters with whom we have had a long relationship. The Board has suggested the following additional opportunities for giving.

  1. al Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza provides some of the finest medical care available in this densely packed enclave, offering 80 inpatient beds and a heavily used outpatient clinic. In addition, Ahli runs a completely free-of-charge program for early detection of breast cancer, a Center for Elderly Women, and a free Mobile Clinic Program. It also offers Gaza's only Minimally Invasive Surgery training, and the Ahli staff have been at forefront of COVI 0-19 response planning.
  2. The Jerusalem Princess Basma Centre is unique in providing quality comprehensive rehabilitation services to Palestinian Children with disabilities. It works for the empowerment and integration of children with disabilities and their families within their communities. Working from its base in Jerusalem, local children are treated at the Child Rehabilitation Center, whilst families in the West Bank are served through an extensive Outreach Program.
  3. Established more than 100 years ago, St. Luke's Hospital in Nablus provides 60 inpatient beds and offers both general and specialty medical care and surgical services. These include intensive care, outpatient treatment, rehabilitation, obstetrics, and neonatal intensive care. Currently, an emergency and trauma center is being equipped, along with a new neurosurgery program, both providing much-needed services in the region. Its staff have also been involved in the COVID-19 response for northern Palestine.
  4. St. George’s College, Jerusalem, is an Anglican community of education, hospitality, pilgrimage, and reconciliation. Through study, site visits, engagement with the local Christian community, prayer and reflection, lives are transformed, and faith renewed. They are running a deficit of $100,000 US a month due to the canceling of the courses.

We would hope to raise $200,000 in this area, with the largest portion to go to St. George’s College.

Please go to our website to make an online gift. Or, send a check with a memo describing which project you would like to have your money to towards.  Please contact our treasurer, Bob Biehl, if you need instructions for wire transfer or donation of securities.  Of course, we are happy to place your dollars in the most needed areas.

We recognize that this is a time of great need locally and encourage you to give to your parishes and local non-profits. Where you have the capacity, we do hope you will help the communion meet the various needs that are out there.

Faithfully yours,

The Right Reverend C. Andrew Doyle

IX Bishop of Texas

President of The Compass Rose Society

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