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What are Communion Visits?


To participate in a CRS Communion visit gives a greater understanding of the work that is being done within our World Wide Anglican/Episcopal Communion. The visits are life-changing: witnessing what many people can do with so little, and the pride they share with us in their accomplishments. Here are a few of my many memories from our visits over the past eleven years.

THE HOLY LAND   with Canon John Peterson, where our Christian roots came to life.

MEXICO. The feed the hungry program assists many schools in remote areas.  A small church--just half a wall, a tin roof, a few benches and a beautiful altar. Help in this very spiritual space is given to many people in this secluded area.

AFRICA.  Arriving in Malawi, at Blantyre airport , we were greeted with wonderful singing by members of The Mothers Union and The Daughters of The King.  Visiting a school, a small village and other projects of The Diocese of Southern Malawi.

GHANA. “Wendy’s School”; The eye clinic; The buildings where the African slaves were  tragically  held. These were all of great interest.

SOUTH AFRICA. Cape Town. The e-reader programme for seminary students.  Visiting a well run  orphanage,  False Bay. The students  with their wonderful band.   A small fragile building used as a church, started by five amazing ladies.  A very special moment joining with them to sing “We are marching in the light of God.”

BRAZIL . Rio de Janeiro. The first sight of the powerful statue of Christ The Redeemer. The incredible work in the City of God. The Diocese of The Amazon’s programmes for young children and youth. Flying over the Amazon jungle, landing on an air strip----“somewhere” !! Transferring to speed boats, racing down the Amazon river, finally arriving at a village that is the home of descendents of the African slaves. The residents, with help from the church, have projects that will enable them to become self sufficient.
These visits are humbling and exciting. One feels pride in the work and generosity of the Anglican / Episcopal Church, throughout our fractured world.

We welcome feedback, and would be happy to give more information on our travels with the Compass Rose Society.

 ~ Pauline Maxwell

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