Canadian Society

Chapter Membership Report


Chapter membership presents other opportunities to consider, compared to individual membership:  the experience is based around community and sharing.  Chapter membership enrolment is more accessible than for the individual membership option, and affords many of the same benefits and responsibilities as that for the individual member, which are shared collectively by the chapter.  The chapter can send up to four members to the annual general meeting (AGM) in London each year.  Chapter members may also attend communion visits and study trips.

Under the guidance and encouragement of Bishop Philip Poole, Canon John Peterson, and other laity, the First and Second Canadian Chapters were established in Aurora, Canada in 2002.  Many of the original members were parishioners at Trinity Church in Aurora, where during that time, Bishop Philip was parish Rector.  Today, membership for these chapters has expanded beyond Trinity Aurora parish to include other parishioners within the Diocese of Toronto.

These two Canadian chapters meet approximately two to three times each year as a group, hosted in a member’s home.  During the year, there may also be other opportunities to gather at events organized by the Canadian society within the Toronto diocese.  There is no restriction on size of chapter membership: it can be whatever size that works comfortably to achieve your goals.  Currently we have approximately 17 individuals with the two chapters.  We meet along with two individual members to consider what is occurring globally and nationally within the society, and to determine which projects to support for the year.  There are a wide and varied range of projects recommended by the society which have received our financial support.  Guest speakers have also been invited to share their experience at our meetings.  Following each meeting we enjoy fellowship with good food and conversation.  For those who have not participated in the AGM or communion visits, the communication shared in our meetings provides one with a sense of those events.

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