The Canadian Compass Rose Society

2003 CRS Gathering at Lambeth Palace

Founders Reverend Philip Poole, Marilyn Redvers (since deceased) and David Gannicott at Lambeth Palace, 2003.

The Canadian Compass Rose Society is a registered Canadian charity, working alongside the Archbishop of Canterbury to support work across the Anglican Communion.


The Compass Rose Society was conceived and made its start in the United States of America in 1997.

The society now has members in Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, UK and Uruguay.

The Canadian arm of the Society was considered, and commenced in 2003.

In was incorporated as the Canadian Compass Rose Society (CCRS).

Three people were responsible for starting CCRS.  The Reverend Canon Philip Poole – (now the Right Reverend Bishop Poole), the late Marilyn Redvers and myself, David Gannicott.

The fledgling society required a President and I, for my sins, was elected to the position.  One that I am honoured to hold to this day.

We seek members who wish to financially support the Compass Rose Society as it relates to the office of the Archbishop of Canterbury,  and the people, causes and needs of nations throughout the World Wide Anglican Communion.

The Society is organized such that approximately 92% of revenue is advanced to our selected causes.  A mere approximate 8% is absorbed into administration.

I am of the opinion that there is no more efficient way of supporting, assisting, and personally connecting  with our Christian brothers and sisters world-wide, than through the Compass Rose Society.

As a member, you have the opportunity to attend the Annual General Meeting in London U.K. and interact with the Archbishop of Canterbury.  The AGM is usually followed by a study visit to a place of interest within the Anglican Communion, in the company of some of the finest, most interesting people you could ever wish to meet!

Why don’t you consider joining our ranks? 


David Gannicott, President of the Canadian Compass Rose Society