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Winter 2015 Issue

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Over 250 individuals, families, parishes, cathedrals, chapters, dioceses, seminaries and other organizations are members of the Compass Rose Society. We started with just 25 members in 1997, and in the years to come look forward to continued growth by welcoming additional members from throughout the worldwide Anglican Communion.

Our Current Membership:



Bill and Karen Barnett, Toronto, Ontario
The Reverend Canon Cameron Cairns, Ottawa, Ontario
Lyn Clark, Toronto, Ontario

The Reverend Deacon Robert T. Coolidge, Westmount, Quebec
Wendy Dean, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

Canon Robert Falby and the Reverend Dr. Alison Falby, Toronto, Ontario

The Reverend Alan Gallichan, Ottawa, Ontario
David and Joy Gannicott, Aurora, Ontario
Dr. Robert and Mrs. Constance Gardiner, Kingston, Ontario
The Honourable John Gomery and the Honourable Pierrette Rayle, Montreal, Quebec
The Venerable Peter Hannen, Montreal, Quebec
Terry McEachern, Montreal, Quebec
The Reverend Terry and Mrs. Lisa Noble, Peterborough, Ontario
Beverley Paterson Wood, Aurora, Ontario

Ms. Nancy Southam, Montreal, Quebec
The Venerable John M. Robertson, Kingston, Ontario


All Saints Anglican Church, Peterborough, Ontario

The Reverend Geoff Howson, Interim

St. Mary’s, Kerrisdale, Vancouver, British Columbia

The Reverend Jeremy Clark-King, Rector

St. Mark’s Anglican Church, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

The Reverend Canon Dr. R.S.G. Wright

St. Paul's Bloor Street, Toronto, Ontario

The Reverend Canon Dr. Barry Parker


Diocese of Calgary, Alberta

The Right Reverend Derek Hoskin

Diocese of Edmonton, Alberta

The Right Reverend Jane Alexander

Diocese of Huron, Ontario

The Right Reverend Robert F. Bennett

Diocese of Niagara, Ontario

The Right Reverend Michael Bird

Diocese of Toronto, Ontario

The Most Reverend Colin Johnson

Diocese of New Westminster, British Columbia

The Right Reverend Michael Ingham

Diocese of Ottawa, Ontario

The Right Reverend John H. Chapman

Diocese of Montreal, Quebec

The Right Reverend Barry Clarke


St. James’ Cathedral, Toronto, Ontario

The Very Reverend Douglas Stoute


First Canadian Chapter

Tom Fletcher, Chapter Contact, Anglican Parish of Trinity, Aurora, Diocese of Toronto, Ontario

Scarborough Chapter, Toronto, Ontario

IAWN (Canada) Chapter

(The Reverend Canon Alice Medcof, Anne Day, Dr. Virginia Davies, The Reverend Dr. Marg Fleck, Canon (lay) Donna Hunter, The Right Reverend Ann Tottenham)

Diocese of Ontario Chapter, Kingston, Ontario

Institutional Member

Huron University College, Faculty of Theology, London, ON

The Rev. William J. Danaher, Ph.D.



Mr. and Mrs. Eric Bohm, Hong Kong
Dr. Joseph and Christine Chan, Hong Kong
Dr. Chau Ming Tak and Chau Liu Sin Ling, Hong Kong
Moses Mo Chi Cheng and Betty Cheng, Hong Kong
Mr. and Mrs. Chow Siu Ngor, Hong Kong
Li Fook Hing, Hong Kong
Joey and Madeleine Fan, Hong Kong
Ip Lo Hing Yuen, Hong Kong
Kay Lai, Hong Kong
Michael Leung, Hong Kong
Godwin and Nancy Lo, Hong Kong
Arthur and Yvonne Mo, Hong Kong
David and Anita Ng, Hong Kong
Lily Tan, Hong Kong
Angeline Wong, Hong Kong
Fung-yi Wong, Hong Kong
Terese Wong, Hong Kong
Mr. and Mrs. Shang Chiu Wong, Hong Kong
The Reverend Peter Douglas Koon, Hong Kong
Joseph and Doris Yeung, Hong Kong
Alice and Ben Cheung, Hong Kong
Antonia Wong Tuen-yee, Hong Kong

Dr. Jane Lee Ching Yee, Shaukeiwan, Hong Kong


St. Mary’s Church, Hong Kong

The Reverend Chung Ka-lok

St. Stephen’s Church, Kong Kong

The Reverend Wong Kin Wah


Diocese of Eastern Kowloon, Hong Kong

The Right Reverend Louis Tsui

Diocese of Western Kowloon, Hong Kong

The Right Reverend Andrew Chan

Other Friends

Primate of Hong Kong

The Most Reverend Paul Kwong

St. John’s Cathedral

The Very Reverend Matthias Der


Siu Family Chapter, Hong Kong

Mr. and Mrs. Siu Hon Sum, Mr. and Mrs. Winston Siu and Mr. Wilson Siu




Dr. Eichi Hatano, Hyogo-Ken
Mrs. Mariko Kawakami, Fukushima
Kawakatsu Kenji, Osaka-fu


St. Andrew’s Cathedral, Tokyo

The Very Reverend Bartholomew Kentaro Takeuchi

Other Friends

Incorporated Foundation, Sendai-shi

Paul T. Takiguchi



The Right Reverend Victoria Matthews



Diocese of False Bay

The Right Reverend Margaret Vertue



John and Geraldine Whittaker, Neuchatel

Christ Church, Lausanne

The Reverend Adèle Kelham



The Reverend Richard Kuenkler, Chiang Mai




Iain and Marian Nicholson, Canterbury
Jay and The Right Reverend Stephen Green, London
George and Eileen Carey (The Right Reverend and Right Honourable Lord Carey of Lifton and Lady Carey), London
The Reverend Canon Kenneth Kearon, London
The Reverend Canon Dr. James M. Rosenthal, London
Deirdre Martin, London





Maria Campbell, Birmingham
Eugene Johnston, Birmingham



B. Norris Battin, Newport Beach
The Very Reverend Donald G. and Carole Anne Brown, Sacramento
The Reverend Canon Dr. Joan Butler Ford, Encinitas
Dr. Dianne N. Long and Dr. Gordon Gritter, Avila Beach
Donna and Douglas Neff, Newport Beach
Judge and Mrs. William Huss, Los Angeles
Fred and Suzanne Rheinstein, Los Angeles
Jack (Sandy) and Susan Smock, San Marino
Alan C. and Leilani Weirick, San Marino
Stephen and Anne Morris, Ojai


Church of Our Saviour, San Gabriel

The Reverend Gary Bradley

St. Michael and All Angels, Corona del Mar

The Reverend Canon Peter D. Haynes

St. Andrew’s Church, Saratoga

The Reverend Channing R. Smith


Church of Our Saviour – Chapter 1, San Gabriel

(Joan and Richard Biersch, Arcadia; Brian Cosgrove, LaVerne; Elizabeth Richard Brill, Pasadena; Olive M. Kemp, San Marino)

Church of Our Saviour – Chapter 2, San Gabriel

(Sally Eimer; Ginny and H. Eugene Noll, Pasadena; The Reverend Gary and Peg Bradley, San Gabriel; Trish Healy, San Marino; The Reverend Charles and the Reverend Sarah Belknap, South Pasadena)

Tuesday MOB Chapter

(Carl Anderson, Alan Clark, William Fain, Robert Kass, Bill Lincoln, Van Dyke Parks, Fred Rheinstein, Dick Sandifer)


Diocese of Los Angeles

The Right Reverend J. Jon Bruno



Bill and Jennifer Brown, Greenwich
Marnie Carr, Greenwich
Anne and Randall Greene, Greenwich
Charles Morgan Royce, Greenwich
David Yudain, North Stamford


St. Barnabas, Greenwich

The Reverend Edward Pardoe

Christ Church, Greenwich

The Reverend Dr. Jim Lemler


Berkeley Divinity School at Yale, New Haven

The Reverend F. Washington Jarvis

District of Columbia


The Reverend Canon Jan Naylor Cope and Dr. John Cope
Sally Bet Gehman

The Reverend Michele Hagans
Dr. Dennis W. and Linda B. Johnson
Charles and Eileen Read

John Van Wagoner


St. Alban’s Parish

The Reverend Dr. Deborah Meister

St. John’s – Lafayette Square

The Reverend Dr. Louis León


Christ Church Georgetown Chapter

Washington National Cathedral Chapter


Diocese of Washington

The Right Reverend John B. Chane



Sandy and William Bond, Jacksonville
The Right Reverend Frank and Emmy Cerveny, Jacksonville
John and Patty Donahoo, Jacksonville

Jim and Ann Dyer, Jacksonville
Albert and Donna Ernest, Jacksonville
Bruce and Betty Folkerth, Naples
Elinor and Robert Foltz, Bonita Springs
Dr. David and Mrs. Sarah Hill, St. Petersburg

Jim and Pat Jamison, Jacksonville
Gail A. Larson, Jacksonville
Rad and Susan Lovette, Ponte Vedra Beach
Hayne McCondichie, Ponte Vedra Beach
Joan W. Newton, Jacksonville
Kenny and Becca Nova, Mulberry

Gil and Nancy Pomar, Jacksonville


St. Paul’s Church, Delray Beach

The Reverend William Stokes

Church of the Redeemer, Sarasota

The Reverend Frederick A. Robinson

Christ Episcopal Church, Ponte Vedra Beach

The Reverend Rick Westbury

St. Mary's Episcopal Church, Bonita Springs

The Reverend Dr. Michael Rowe


Christ Church, Ponte Vedra Beach

(The Reverend Dr. Raymond and Elizabeth Daly, the Reverend Dr. James and Tay Cooper, Barbara and Carl Bloesing, Lynda and Robert G. Fajans, Lester Garrippee, Betty Lou and Roger Gibson, Dr. Sheldon and Mary Henry, Martha LaVielle, J. Febel and Ambassador Marilyn McAffee, Thomas and Karol Mantz, Christy and William Powell, Frederick and Sally Robbins, Libby and J. William Ross, Carolyn and Raymond Sutton, the Reverend Rick Westbury, Mary-Alice Wester)


Diocese of Florida

The Right Reverend Samuel Johnson Howard

Diocese of Central Gulf Coast

The Right Reverend Philip M. Duncan, II

Diocese of South East Florida

The Right Reverend Leo Frade

Diocese of Southwest Florida

The Right Reverend Dabney T. Smith


St. John’s Episcopal Cathedral, Jacksonville

The Very Reverend Katherine B. Moorehead, Dean

Other Members

FRESHMinistries, Jacksonville

The Reverend Dr. Robert V. Lee, III



The Reverend Nancy P. Acree, St. Simons Island
Fred and Alice Barlow, St. Simons Island
Steven and Tena Braswell, St. Simons Island
Dr. Jeffrey and Wendy Capes, St. Simons Island
General Stephen and Lucy Draper, Atlanta
The Reverend Susan Strobhar Dulany, Savannah
Mr. and Mrs. Willis Everett, III, Sea Island
Doris Miller Hargrett, St. Simons Island

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Holder, Atlanta
Dr. John E. and Susan M. Imhoff, Sea Island
Julia P.R. Knox-Hudson and James Hudson, Augusta
Barbara Morgan and Vernon Reed, Sea Island
The Reverend Douglas and Mrs. Elizabeth Renegar, St. Simons Island
John and Mimi Rogers, St. Simons Island
The Right Reverend Harry and Louise Shipps, Savannah
Lana Skelton (Mrs. Marvin), St. Simons Island
William and Jane Thau, St. Simons Island

Della Wager Wells and Jere Wells, Atlanta


All Saints Church, Atlanta

The Reverend Geoffrey St. J. Hoare

Church of the Good Shepherd, Augusta

The Very Reverend Robert Fain

Christ Church Frederica, St. Simons Island

The Reverend Stephen McWorter, Interim


St. Philip’s Cathedral, Atlanta

The Very Reverend Sam Candler


Georgia Chapter

(Julius Arail, Statesboro; Cecelia and Talmadge Bowden, Augusta; The Reverend Canon James Robert and Jan Carter, The Reverend Gamon Jarrell, David and Kay Saussy, Savannah; Paul B. Salter, St. Simons Island)

Frederick Cousins Guild Chapter, St. Simons Island

Louise Bartlett

The Daughters of the King Chapter

Joan Dalrymple, Woodstock


Eugene M. Cheston, Jr. Hailey



Harry and Raelene Bowman
Anne Morgan and Alan DeAcetis, Lake Forest
Thomas and Connie Duckworth, Lake Forest
Canon Miriam Hoover, Glencoe
Richard J. Hoskins, Chicago
Quinton Primo, Barrington Hills
Cynthia and Tom Reusche, Lake Forest
Colin and Connie Silvester, Lake Forest
The Reverend Dr. R. Teena Williams, Chicago


The Church of the Holy Spirit, Lake Forest

The Reverend Jay Sidebotham


The Diocese of Chicago

The Right Reverend Jeffrey D. Lee


The Right Reverend Frank and Mrs. Karen Gray, South Bend


Church of the Good Shepherd, Lexington

The Reverend Brian Cole


David R. Pitts, Baton Rouge


St. John’s Episcopal Church, Midland

The Reverend Robert Skirving


Fred and Ann Moore, Minneapolis

Sarah and Rolf Peters, Lakeville

St. Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral, Minneapolis

The Right Reverend Bruce Edward Caldwell


Cynthia Schwab, Joplin


Dorothy and Rob Ramsdell, Glenbrook

New Jersey

Carter and Shirley Bacot, Montclair

Diocese of New Jersey

The Right Reverend George Councell

New Mexico

Thomas and Margaret Lopez, Santa Fe

New York


Grace Allen, Port Washington
The Reverend Sarah Buxton-Smith, Buffalo
The Right Reverend Herbert and Dr. Mary Donovan, Dobbs Ferry
Frederick Gerbracht, Wantagh
The Right Reverend Richard F. Grein, New York

John and Jane Hamilton, Buffalo
William Herrman, New York
Carlos R. Munoz, White Plains
Virginia Davies, New York


Calvary and St. George’s, New York

The Reverend Gregory Brewer

Christ Church, Oyster Bay

The Reverend Peter Casparian

St. James’s Church, New York

The Reverend Brenda Husson

St. Thomas Church, Fifth Avenue, New York

The Reverend Andrew Mead

St. Stephen’s Church, Port Washington

The Reverend Kurt and Priscilla von Roeschlaub

Trinity Church Wall Street, New York

The Reverend Dr. James H. Cooper


Diocese of Long Island

The Right Reverend Orris Walker, Jr.

Diocese of New York

The Right Reverend Mark Sisk

Diocese of Central New York

The Right Reverend Gladstone B. Adams


New York Chapter

(Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brock, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Fendler, Mr. and Mrs. D. Forsythe, Richard Harvey, Catherine McFarland, Mr. and Mrs. J. Chester Johnson, Henry King, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lee, Mr. and Mrs. Newton Merrill, Frank Peterson)

Other Members

The Office of the Presiding Bishop, The Episcopal Church

The Most Reverend Dr. Katharine Jefferts Schori

Church Pension Fund

T. Dennis Sullivan

The Church Club of New York

Mrs. Grace Allen

General Theological Seminary

The Right Reverend Peter J. Lee

North Carolina


Dr. Albert S. and Jeannie Gooch, Flat Rock
Charles and Cary Owen, Asheville
Constance F. Gray, Winston Salem
Robert Moore and JoLynn Allen, Walnut Grove
Charles and Nancy Robson, Charlotte
The Reverend Mason and Pru Wilson, Asheville
The Reverend Dr. and Mrs. Paul Hamilton Fuller, Mills River
The Reverend Canon John and Mrs. Kirsten Peterson, Henderson
The Reverend Nicholson and Mrs. Diana White, Charlotte


Kanuga Conferences Chapter, Hendersonville

(Robert and Suzanne Boas, Atlanta, GA; Virginia Gambill, George and Pat Minker Howell, Hendersonville; Lee and Sylvia Marston, Severna Park, Maryland; Charles and Frances von Rosenberg, Fayetteville, NC; Margaret Tinsley, Richmond, VA)

St. Paul’s Church Chapter, Winston-Salem


St. Paul’s Church, Cleveland Heights

The Reverend Alan M. Gates

The Diocese of Southern Ohio

The Right Reverend Thomas Breidenthal



The Rev. Pamela Shier, Mount Morris

Dr. Earl O. and Karen O. Strimple, Blue Ridge Summit


Calvary Episcopal Church, Pittsburgh

The Reverend Harold T. Lewis

St. Luke’s Church, Philadelphia

The Reverend Canon H. Gregory Smith

St. Thomas' Church, Whitemarsh

The Reverend Marek Zabriskie


Diocese of Pennsylvania

The Right Reverend Charles E. Bennison

Rhode Island

The Right Reverend David B. and Katherine Joslin, Westerly

South Carolina


A. Elliott Holman III, Anderson
W. Bern and Cathy Mebane, Greenville
Karen and Mark Philips, Charleston
Bob and Marnie Smith, Columbia
William and Karen Brown, Greenville


Christ Church, Greenville

The Reverend Harrison McLeod


Trinity Cathedral, Columbia

The Very Reverend Dr. Philip C. Linder


James and Natalie Haslam II, Knoxville



Robert J. Biehl, Houston
Carol and Tom Chaney, Houston
Marshall Cloyd, Houston

Dolores R. Goble, Houston

Thomas and Gay Hall, Dallas
John and Lee Hunnell, Houston
Jack and Patty Hurt, Houston
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Mebus, Dallas
The Right Reverend Claude and Barbara Payne, Salado
Chris and Ed Stedman, Beaumont
Janie and Jim Stevens, Houston
Robert and Shirley Allen, Houston
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Brock, Houston
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred H. Ebert, Houston


St. Martin’s Church, Houston

The Reverend Dr. Russell J. Levenson, Jr.

St. Michael and All Angels, Dallas

The Reverend Dr. Robert S. Dannals, Rector

The Reverend Dr. Kevin D. Huddleston, Assoc. Rector, Outreach & Mission


Diocese of Dallas

The Right Reverend James M. Stanton

Diocese of Texas

The Right Reverend C. Andrew Doyle


Camp Allen Chapter



Ann J. Buxton, Vienna
Alexander Hamilton IV, Richmond
June D. Leeuwrik, Fairfax
Warren A. and Emily Thrasher, Jr., Vienna
Warrren Dean Thrasher, Oakton and Emily Thrasher Hobbs, Vienna


Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Bristol

The Reverend Mark Frazier

St. James’s Episcopal Church, Richmond

The Reverend Randy Hollerith

St. Mary's Episcopal Church, Arlington

The Reverend Andrew Merrow

Truro Church, Fairfax

The Reverend Tory Baucum

Church of the Holy Comforter, Vienna

The Reverend Richard A. Lord


Diocese of Virginia

The Right Reverend Shannon Johnston

Other Friends

Virginia Theological Seminary, Alexandria

The Very Reverend Ian Markham



Mike Battin, Renton
Barbie and Ed Benshoof, Eastsound
Jeanne Campbell, Seattle
Marion Williams Garrison, Seattle
Robert Gleason and Sylvia Black, Seattle
Janet McCully, Seattle
Marshall McReal, Seattle

Laura Ellen and Robert Muglia, Mercer Island
Dr. John C. Narver, Seattle
Arlene Tande and Roger W. Sherman, Seattle
Gary Tabasinske and Cynthia McLachlan, Lopez Island

Dr. Sheree H. Wen, Seattle


Cathedral of St. Mark, Seattle, Washington

(The Reverend Paul Collins, Seattle; Priscilla Collins, Mr. and Mrs. William Culver, Maryle Duzan, Medina; Dr. Bernard and Jean Haldanes, The Reverend Canon John and Barbara Huston, John and Burndette McClelland, Jr., Susan Moseley, Seattle; Dr. Charles and Jo Pope, Seattle; Bill and Vicky Reed, Medina)


Diocese of Olympia

The Right Reverend Gregory H. Rickel


The Reverend Daphne Grimes, Cody

Christ Church, Cody

The Reverend Mary Caucutt



Mr. Michael Brown